Ausenco Rylson is a leading asset management and optimisation, logistics support and engineering services provider to the mining, oil and gas, power, engineering, water, industrial and government sectors globally.

We are experts in providing solutions that maximise asset availability and utilisation, and reduce costs through a comprehensive range of services across all aspects of asset management and reliability engineering. The result? A stronger return on investment.

Using an integrated, data driven approach to asset management we identify and help clients reduce waste, defects and inefficiencies to deliver world-class outcomes.

With teams located in Australia, South America and North America, we can support clients and projects in any location.

Our solutions include:

  • Operations and maintenance
    • Smooth operational transitions and ongoing improvements to secure and maintain a high return on investment
  • Reliability engineering
    • Our skilled engineers have experience across mining, oil and gas, power, water and government sectors
  • Optimising asset management and reducing costs
    • We can assist across all phases of the asset lifecycle
  • Operational readiness
    • We help ensure your asset delivers to its business plan from day one
  • Orien software
    • Our proprietary enterprise asset management solution helps proactively manage operational and maintenance aspects of every part of your asset to maximise return on investment and improve cost-to-revenue ratios
  • Lifecycle optimisation
    • Data driven, holistic view of improving your asset’s operations from inception to decommissioning
  • Business process management
    • We’ve helped design, optimise and deploy business processes across industry for more than 15 years
  • Asset management training
    • Our experts deliver a selection of specialist asset management training courses to ensure your team members have the development they need to effectively and safely manage your assets.