2nd Asset Management Workshop in Santiago, Chile

On the 7 April, the 2nd Enterprise Asset Management workshop organised by Ausenco took place in Santiago. 10 companies in the sectors of Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Food and Glass met to discuss Asset Management insights.

In this workshop, the exhibitors were asked to give a practical approach to their presentations on Asset Management. As a group, we talked about how to manage cultural change and tips for a successful implementation. Attendees shared with total transparency their own learnings on developing more mature and integrated management of their assets.

Rodrigo Alonso (Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi) presented “Implementation of the Strategy of Asset Management in CMDIC”. Rodrigo spoke about Collahuasi Operational Reliability pillars and showed the excellent results obtained in the last 2 years.

Jaime Andres Alvarez, Head of Asset Management, Ecopetrol Refining Vice-Presidency (Colombia) presented “Asset Management experience and results in Ecopetrol”. Ecopetrol’s journey in Asset Management started in 2001. Jaime Andrés shared with the audience the history of Ecopetrol, their experiences, learnings and the concept of Nucleus Teams as an effective way to structure the teams quality assurance processes – all with great contribution for the audience.

César Morales, Head of the Renca Complex Maintenance, presented “AES Gener S.A. experience as the first company in Chile to certify under ISO 55001 requirements” spoke with a very practical approach about the certification process that was successful at the Nueva Renca Power Plant in December of 2016.

Nelson Cuello, Maintenance Manager and TPM Executive Coordinator at Cristalerías de Chile, presented “Learnings in the Asset Management Excellence journey – Cristalerías de Chile Experience”   Nelson arrived to the workshop from Japan after receiving awards granted by the JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance): “Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment” (Level II de TPM) for the Padre Hurtado Plant and “Award for TPM Excellence (Level I) for the LLay Llay Plant.
Mauricio Ithurbisquy, Operational Support Manager at Colbún closed the event with his presentation “Success Factors in Asset Management”. Mauricio reminded the audience that the reason why we look for having good Asset Management and why we seek international certification such as ISO 55000 is to demonstrate to international big insurance companies that we are managing our assets in a responsible manner so that we can negotiate lowering insurance fees.

After 5 exceptional presentations, Juan Carlos Duarte, Ausenco-Rylson Asset Management Manager, South America gave the close out to workshop.

Group Photo - Asset Management Workshop - April 2017

Asset Management Workshop – April 2017

The date for the 3rd Asset Management Workshop in Chile is set for August 2017. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please email the organiser and Ausenco’s Asset Management Manager – South America, Juan Carlos Duarte via email (JuanCarlos.Duarte@ausenco.com) or via the Contact Form.