WIIFM? Why understanding and engaging internal stakeholders is essential for Asset Management Improvement projects

Article By: Steve Koro, Mining Practice Lead, Ausenco Rylson

I think we all know that sustainable operation and continuous improvement of industrial assets are essential for long term profitability. There should be an agreed Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) that has been prepared following a set process which includes evaluation of business goals and objectives, senior management review and budgeted implementation plans. So, assuming the SAMP has been developed; gaining agreement, acceptance and involvement in an Asset Management Improvement initiative within that plan should be a “given”. Shouldn’t it?

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How important is asset management to today’s mining companies?

Article By: Steve Koro, Mining Practice Lead, Ausenco Rylson

The current economic climate of soft commodity prices and increasing costs means that the mining companies that will see their operations sur­vive this current downturn, are the ones that have spent the time and capital to optimise the performance of their current assets so that their plant and equipment will reliably deliver the business plan consistently for the life of the operations.

Over the long term, it is the companies that look past tomorrow, and consider the whole of life of their asset’s performance, and the total cost of ownership, who will weather the storm.

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2nd Asset Management Workshop in Santiago, Chile

On the 7 April, the 2nd Enterprise Asset Management workshop organised by Ausenco took place in Santiago. 10 companies in the sectors of Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Food and Glass met to discuss Asset Management insights.

In this workshop, the exhibitors were asked to give a practical approach to their presentations on Asset Management. As a group, we talked about how to manage cultural change and tips for a successful implementation. Attendees shared with total transparency their own learnings on developing more mature and integrated management of their assets.

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New Ausenco Rylson website features now live

Welcome to the new Ausenco Rylson website.

We’ve updated our site to make it easier to find information on our asset management and optimisation services, our leading edge Rylson8 asset management software and our training courses; and to subscribe to news and Insights from our Asset Management and Optimisation experts.

Ausenco Rylson’s Asset Management Maturity Program, known as “RAMP”, is also explained. Using RAMP our people combine their specialised knowledge with technology and methodologies proven in the field to identify and deliver cost optimisation improvement opportunities to maximise an asset’s return on investment.

Our updated Contact Us page provides details on our Australia, North American and South American offices and our key contacts in those regions. You can also subscribe to receive news updates and Insights.

Ausenco Rylson sponsors Mainstream Conference – Melbourne

Ausenco Rylson was again proud to be a part of the Mainstream Conference held in Melbourne in March 2017. Members of the Ausenco Rylson team including Greg Schumann, General Manager – Operations and Maintenance; Nick Tompkins, Technical Manager – Optimisation; and Steve Koro, Mining Practice Lead, joined Asset Management professionals from around Australasia at this two day event.

The conference focused on five topics including Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance Leadership; Stakeholder Engagement; Operational Management; Data Management; and Technology Utilisation, and discussed how leadership, technology, ideas and innovations are literally transforming Asset Management in Australia and New Zealand.

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Maintenance Planning Course Dates – Australia

One of our most popular courses – ‘Maintenance Planning‘ is scheduled to run on-site at our Australian Training Centre on 8&9 May 2017.  This two day course provides those with maintenance planning and scheduling responsibilities such as managers and practitioners with contemporary practices in maintenance strategy development, planning and scheduling.

For more information about the course and registration information, visit our Training pages.

Physical Asset Management Course Dates – Australia

From 10-12 May 2017 we will be running the three day Physical Asset Management course at our Australian Training Centre.  This course is suitable for individuals currently engaged in, or aspiring to, roles requiring risk based, data driven physical asset management decision making targeting waste elimination, lifecycle extensions and increased productivity of physical assets.

For more information and dates, visit our Training section.