Featured Projects

Maintenance Planning
Arrow Energy, Australia
Reliability Engineering & Defect Elimination
Anglo American, Australia
Mine Feasibility Study,
NSW, Australia
thumbnail of AEL201-Maintenance-Planning thumbnail of AMC11-107-Reliability-Engineering-and-Defect- thumbnail of Drayton-South-Feasibility-Study
Outage Management System
Newcrest Mining, Indonesia & PNG
Training Needs Analysis,
Newcrest Mining, Côte d’Ivoire
Asset Management Audit,
Newmont Mining Corp., Ghana
thumbnail of NCR205-Outage-Maintenance-System thumbnail of NCR207-Training-Needs-Analysis thumbnail of NEW101-MOS-AMS-Asset-Management-Audit
Asset Management Improvement Project,
Issac Plains Coal Management, Australia
Capital Budgeting Analysis,
Minerals & Metals Group, Australia
RAM Study with Critical Spares Analysis, SunWater, Australia
thumbnail of IPCHPP-Asset-Management-Improvement-Project thumbnail of MMG202_MMG206-Capital-Budgeting thumbnail of SunWater-RAM-Study
Maintenance and Scheduling,
Xstrata Zinc, Australia
OPEX and Critical Spares Analysis,
Arrow Energy, Australia
Asset Management Business Readiness, Newmont Mining Corp., Ghana
thumbnail of XST205-Maintenance-and-Scheduling thumbnail of AEL208-OPEX-and-Critical-Spares-Analysis thumbnail of NMC301-Akyem-Asset-Management-Business-Readiness
Century Mine Optimisation, Century Mine, Australia Optimisation of CHPP,
Issac Plains Coal Handling and Preparation Plan, Australia
Implementation of Asset Improvement Management Plan,
Collahuasi, Chile  (ENG & ESP)
thumbnail of MMG219_Century_Mine_Optimisation thumbnail of Optimisation-of-Vale-Sumitomos-Isaac-Plains-CHPP_Case-Study