The following tutorials are designed to give simple steps to get started while also providing an introduction into the functionality of the product.
Ausenco Rylson also provides a range of hands on training courses including Using Rylson8 Technology training and specialist Asset Management courses. To learn more about the courses available closest to you, please see our Training section.

Introduction to Rylson8

A short introduction video to provide you with a brief look into how equipment maintenance strategies can be developed, documented and analysed within Rylson8.

Building a Plant Hierachy

A short video tutorial describing how to build a plant hierarchy within Rylson8

Maintenance Strategy Development

A short video tutorial describing how to create strategies for components in Rylson8 using RCM (reliability centred maintenance).

Extended Task Definition

A short video explaining how to configure extended details of tasks in Rylson8 and how tasks are allocated to maintenance strategies.

Criticality Analysis

A short video tutorial explaining how to perform criticality analysis within Rylson8.

Root Cause Analysis

A short video tutorial describing how to document incidents using the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) mode within Rylson8.

If you require additional training or support, contact the office nearest to you.