Operational Readiness

An organisation is operationally ready when it is fully prepared to commence operations; this includes having the right systems, people, equipment and technology in place.

Operational Readiness ensures your asset can confidently deliver to business plan from day one. Failure to achieve the production, operational and business goals from commencement of operations can erode both the value of the project and the confidence of the owner.

Our approach to operational readiness encompasses the strategic issues of defining needs, risk identification, and strategic planning through to the tactical work involved in developing and deploying the procedures, systems and workplace tools required to successfully operate and maintain a new plant, and drive the new business according to the vision and mission of the company.

While commissioning prepares the physical plant for operation and verifies that it will run in the manner in which it was designed, operational readiness ensures that all other factors that interface with the plant’s operation are prepared and ready for production.

The focus of operational readiness is on people, processes, tactics and systems associated with the key functional areas of the operation.

Below is a summary of our Operational Readiness approach.

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