Rylson8 Software

Asset Performance Management Software

The Rylson8 software is designed for organisations seeking to maximise return on investment and improve cost to revenue ratios. Rylson8 brings together Ausenco Rylson’s proven methodologies to maximise return on investment, improve cost / revenue, maximise the life of your assets and the economic performance of your company.

Available as a complete suite of products or on a module-by-module basis, Rylson8 provides a single entry point to define the business requirements and directly relate them to the required performance of the assets. Rylson8 assists organisations worldwide to better manage their assets by better understanding the key drivers of costs within the organisation.

The different modules of Rylson8 allow you to carry out:

  • Lifecycle planning of assets (hierarchies, criticality, strategies, failure modes and spare parts)
  • Administration costs (Opex, Capex and Optimization Services)
  • Optimisation Life Cycle (LCA, TCO, RAM and Analysis Critical Parts)
  • Systems and Business Processes: improving the documentation, and planning reportability.
Ryslon8 Software Diagram

Visit our features page for a list of modules and additional software features.

Applications for Rylson8

  • Evaluate the criticality of plants and equipment
  • Develop maintenance strategies focused on reliability
  • Optimise maintenance strategies
  • Elaborate budgets for the life of your assets
  • Understand the inherent capacity of your assets
  • Evaluate the economic replacement intervals for your assets
  • Estimate the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) associated with an asset
  • Determine optimum levels of critical parts in warehouse.

Whole of life asset management

Rylson8 has been designed to deliver a holistic view of the asset over its lifecycle ensuring the organisation can deliver the business requirement at optimum cost and risk. No matter what stage you are in the asset lifecycle, Ryslon8 delivers solutions to optimise performance from that point onwards.

Proven to deliver sustainable cost savings

Developed based on accepted industry standards including PAS 55 and JA101 , Rylson8 focuses at the activity layer to ensure that decisions made will have a long term benefit on the business bottom line. A range of inbuilt wizards guide the user through structured Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) processes to achieve the outcome.

Customisable to your needs

Whatever your business, we can design a solution to meet your needs. We have worked with a range of clients to customise the offering based on requirement. Rylson8 is a modular application which can be deployed in a range of scenarios with a range of licencing options from single user licencing to corporate enterprise licences.

To learn more about Rylson8 and the benefits to your business, contact your local Ausenco Rylson representative.