Download Rylson8 Lite

Rylson8 Lite is free to download and can provide you with functionality to build a plant hierarchy, create maintenance strategies using RCM principals and create a Root Cause Analysis.

Before downloading your copy, please review the technical information below and license terms and conditions.

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Important Information

  • The Rylson8 Lite version you are downloading is – Version: 2.1.4c (26 Apr 2016)
  • By downloading you agree to all conditions set out in the license terms.
  • We do not allow redistribution of Rylson8 or Rylson8 Lite. You can link to our website, but do not upload Rylson8 or Rylson8 Lite to another web site.
  • Rylson8 Lite must be activated within 14 days. This can be done from within the application.
  • Data can be saved in Rylson8 Lite but cannot be transferred onto another computer.
  • The current download of Rylson8 Lite will expire in 2018. This date may be extended in future updates.
  • Our support team may help with installation or activation issues. Further support options are provided with the Rylson8 Enterprise edition.

Supported Operating Systems

Hints and Tips – Installation Errors

Below is a list of errors that may occur when installing:

‘This program might harm your computer. SmartScreen Filter reported that this program is not commonly downloaded.’

Microsoft smart screen is a function of Internet Explorer that can prevent unwanted applications from being inadvertently installed. If you have downloaded Rylson8 from or you can rest assured that the application will not harm your computer. Simply select “More Options” then “Run Anyway” to install the application.

‘You need to be an administrator to install this product’

The installation package for Rylson8 Lite requires administrative access to install the Microsoft .net framework and Microsoft LocalDB.

‘The timestamp signature and/or certificate could not be verified or is malformed’

This installation error can occur on some systems that have not had Windows updates installed. Please visit the Microsoft updates page to find the certificate updates for your operating system.

If you have any other installation errors or need support, please contact the office nearest to you.